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The Holidays are here!

The holiday season is upon us Jacksonville and dates are filling up fast. Its not too late to get your holiday party booked though.

A couple pieces of advice:

  • Dont over think it stick to the basics
  • Finger Foods-give them a go if your looking for more variety you may spend a bit more because you have to over buy but this is the way to go if you want to provide a wide spread
  • Beverages- save money here do this yourself its easy peasy to stop by the grocery store and by a few 2 liters
  • Do not be fooled by grocery store or wholesale club trays sometimes they are much more expensive than ours and they don’t deliver!
  • take out- buy some cheap tupperware or aluminum trays or order some take-out boxes from us get rid of all that extra food and send it home with your guests
California Mango Salad

California Mango Salad

California Mango Salad

It may look like Jacksonville but our new seasonal salad is here and brings a little piece of California with it, Perfect for your next office catering.

Arcadian lettuce blend, avocado, black beans, fresh mango and, sweet red peppers served with a mango vinaigrette

Buffalo Chicken Puffs How many pics should I order per person?……we get this question at least four times a week whether someone is catering a wedding in Ponte Vedra, or a corporate catering in Jacksonville, a graduation in Saint Augustine, or a cocktail hour in Orange Park. There are a few thing to keep in mind when ordering your hors d’ oeuvres: 1.)Is this a meal accompaniment or a meal substitution? 2.)What time of day is your catering event? 3.)Buffet Style or passed? 4.)Formal or informal? 5.)length of the catering event? 6.)heavy eaters?(you know your guests better than us) These questions will help a catering company take you in the right direction. Here is a starting point to use as a baseline:   Buffet Style Light: 2-4 pieces per person & 2 platter Buffet Style Heavy 6-10 pieces per person & 4 platter We look forward to catering for your next event!