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Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Catering 2015 New Years Resolutions

Catering your next meeting while being mindful of new years resolutions can be a complex task. With your attendees diets ranging from paleo to low fat, more and more trending towards gluten free and vegetarian, and vegan, there are a lot of bases to cover. The packages we offer at A1 Catering allow you the flexibility to please your crowd. Here is a guide to ordering from our corporate package:



  • Lean Protein is the key to any healthy diet
  • Steer clear of red meats. Chicken is always a safe choice
  • Look to our lean pork tenderloin or seafood options as an option outside of poultry
  • Ask for sauces on the side
  • Dont forget to include vegetarians or vegans, they wont count as one of your entree selections
[caption id="attachment_127" align="alignright" width="300"]Quinoa Stuffed Peppers Quinoa Stuffed Peppers[/caption]


  • Stay away from pastas
  • Roasted Potato, Sweet potato, brown rice, quino, make great options



  • only danger zone here is casseroles



  • ask for cheese on the side (specialty salads) stick to vinaigrettes



  • Ask for wheat yeast rolls



  • you can request fresh fruit or yogurt parfaits


Call us for any qeustions. We look forward to Catering for Jacksonville in 2015.


Look for new menus coming soon:

  • Gluten Free Catering
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Catering
  • Paleo Catering

Crunchy Pear Salad

Our new seasonal salad is here! Fresh spring mix, crunchy chopped carrots, celery & pecans, topped with dried cranberries, fresh pearsPear Salad Catering Menu Jacksonville, FL and Boars Head White Cheddar. Served with our house Raspberry Vinaigrette. A perfect addition to your holiday catering.

Holiday Catering Jacksonville, FL

Holiday Catering Traditional vs. Non-Traditional

“Should I order a more traditional menu or something different for my holiday party?” We hear this question a lot during the holiday catering season in Jacksonville, truthfully there is no correct answer. We always tell clients that they know their crowd better then we do, but that being said here are some pointers.


  • About 80-90% of holiday parties are some variation of the traditional ham & turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, green bean casserole orders.
  • You cant go wrong with chicken, chicken is by far the most ordered protein and with good reason, it provides versatility in catering and is a “safe” choice to feed the masses, try subbing roasted chicken or panko baked chicken in for the turkey after thanksgiving
  • Ask your guests! It never hurts to get input from those you are feeding, take an informal poll…. you may get some valuable suggestions.
  • Best of both worlds, order up some non-traditional entrees like Ribs (Jacksonville loves BBQ) and blackened tilapia, and then throw in the traditional sides like mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and corn casserole.

Good Luck! Look for our holiday catering menu early next week, alway free delivery to the greater Jacksonville area


Apple Walnut Salad Jacksonville, FL

Our Autumn Seasonal Salad

Now that Jacksonville is getting a turn in the weather, add a bit of autumn to your next catering event. Crisp romaine, iceberg, radicchio, and baby spinach, topped with fresh Gala apples, diced Boars Head colby jack cheese, smoky bacon bits, and glazed walnuts. We serve it with our own  poppy seed vinaigrette made with extra virgin olive oil. This gluten free seasonal salad is a sure fire hit for your crowd.

Catered Turkey Dinner Jacksonville, FL

Three Events You Never Thought to Have Catered

Catering services are not only for weddings and large corporate functions. With A1 Catering the options are limitless and the packages are affordable solutions for any event or gathering. Here are a few events you may not have thought could be catered affordably.

Teacher Luncheons: With school getting back into gear, we know that there are many teacher meetings and luncheons taking place. A take out option is always there but a catered lunch is a well-rounded meal that really shows your faculty that their time is appreciated. Our individualized boxed lunches include multiple food items to give a full meal that is not only delicious but has complete elements other than a standard sub. With affordable pricing, a catered luncheon for your teachers will not exceed a budget spent on a typical take out order and will offer so much more to your staff.

Corporate Meetings: Time is everything when it comes to a successful business venture, which is why a catered meal is in your best interest for your next corporate meeting. The time it takes to go to a restaurant and sit down for full service means more time out of your daily schedule. One of our catered package options will be delivered to you hot and ready to eat at a stated time allowing you and your staff to return to your scheduled tasks quicker and fully satisfied.

Small Social Gatherings: We all know the stressful feeling of having to host a social gathering, and with work and preparation who has the time? Well now you will, with A1 Catering as your assistant host. We understand that cooking and supplying food for an event can be time consuming, so let us take the burden off of your shoulders so you can enjoy the company you keep and the meals and apps you eat!

Our knowledgeable team at A1 Catering is here to answer any questions you may have about catering/menu options. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you at your next event!